Workshop with Namito Day 3

After two days of intensive asana practice, we were all enjoying to start fully energized with a practice of Yoga Vinyasa. Namito showed us some techniques for strengthening the core and using the power to for jumping back and jumping through. We all started to feel how to lift the body and become light, becoming able to fly. We love the wall :D For the second part of the day, we were preparing something very special. Since only a few of the group has had an experience in Yoga Nidra before, Namito and I were chosen this ancient but little-known yogic technique to practice on the last day of the workshop. Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation and a mind-body therapy, a systematic form of guided

Workshop with Namito Day 2

The yogi is a scientist of the inner. All that he knows is based on experiment, experience, and evidence. If you are thirsty you do not need the description of water :D You need real water to taste it and to experience it. We had a talk about religion, about how yoga is not a religion. About God, or call the cosmic consciousness. We know everything is moving in order, and the intelligence is behind is what we call God, in Sanskrit Ishvara. ***** The only mistake you can do in your life, you do live your life without consciousness.*****

Workshop with Namito Day 1

Our weekend workshop started with the basic alignment of yoga asanas. Our lovely students got an introduction into key alignment points of standing postures, supine twists, inversions as well as of backbends. It was fun exploring all the techniques Namito learned from his Master himself. But personally, to me the most interesting part just came at the end, when we started the talk about the philosophy of yoga. Athayoganushasam- Sutra No.1. of Patanjali Now begins the discipline of yoga. It means, when you become thirsty to know yourself, then the journey of yoga begins. Now you want to know yourself directly. Not by a book. Not by a teacher. But you want to explore it by yourself. This is an

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