New class & new teacher Yin-Yang on Saturdays with Alexandra

Try out our Yin Yang class starting on the coming Saturday, the 1st of July with the lovely Alexandra Reiser. The Yin Yang Yoga class is a most welcome counterpart to the physically demanding (Yang) postures and calming (Yin) postures. Her class fits perfectly to those who are keen on attending a balancing and relaxing yoga practice. Due to the combination of active yoga postures and long- lasting stretching deeper body areas (fascia/connective tissue and organs) are stimulated. Discrete sound of instruments like Harmonium, tibetian sound ball as well as samsula guides you into relaxation. The Yin Yang class goes deep and supports you to relieve from physical and mental tensions. For attendi

Check out our new schedule

The new schedule starts on the 1st of June onwards. We are looking forward to welcoming you on the mat :)

OPEN Class- Yin Yoga with Damaris on the 10th of June

We are very happy to invite you to a calm Yin Yoga class on Saturday, the 10th of June at 11am with Damaris Dargel. The class is open and all of you are more than welcome to join without any charge. Damaris has tried yoga first 20 years ago and since then she could not let it go. Many yogastiles have accompanied her practice and inspired her until she has completed her first yoga teacher training. She has deepened her knowledge especially in yin yoga, a style that inspired her through her gentle intensity. Her classes help us to focus how to be able to find peace and balance in ourselves in order to meet the challenges of everyday life, to master life with full power and relaxed equanimity,

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