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„Yoga: not only asana.“ Three days to explore different practices with a focus on subtle aspects of

I am more than happy to welcome my yogini sister Francesca in Munich again. Since we hosted our retreat at Lake Garda I am just waiting for the opportunity to welcome her in my studio. Those who could not enjoy the retreat with us now have the chance to dive deeper into yoga with her.

Francesca is a Registered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (RYT500), constantly practicing and studying yoga and meditation. With a background as a sport teacher, she loves the physical aspect of yoga but she believes we have to go beyond it to find stillness and awareness not only on the mat but in the whole life journey. She has also been working for several years as a full time alternative health care practitioner straight after her three years of professional education in Shiatsu Operator School in Milan. While living in India, she joined the spiritual community of Osho in Rishikesh, becoming Osho Sanniasyn and teaching its modern meditation techniques beside the classical ones learned during her living in traditional ashrams. Speaking Italian as mother tongue, English, Spanish and French, she has already taught yoga and meditation in Italy, London, Switzerland, Seychelles, Portugal and India as a independent teacher and cooperating with yoga schools, spiritual communities and luxury resorts.

Please see here our well conducted program. You may join the full weekend or just compose your own Program.

Friday, 11.10.19, Session 1


Program: Nada Yoga- The Yoga of Sound

Considering Existence, included human being, as a complex of sound vibrations, the system of Nada Yoga based itself on different sound related techniques, some of which we will experience in this session. Sound will be experienced as a tool to still the mind, channalise our energies and producing positive vibrations.

Topic covered included/not limited to:

• Traditional tantric meditation based on sound concentration

• Himalayan singing bowl sound bath: lie down and enjoy the relaxing vibrations produced from this magical instrument

• Mantra Chanting: an ancient practice to concentrate, intensify and spiritualism our consciousness

Saturday, 12.10.19, Session 2


Program: Classical Surya Namaskara and Yoga Nidra, Bihar School of Yoga tradition style

A session to introduce Yoga Nidra, the yogic sleep, learning the base of the theory behind this technique, and experiencing it in practice. A lying down guided meditation where the conscious and the unconscious state merge together, relaxation occurs, nervous system gets balanced and many other positive outcome comes.

The session will open with a reinvigorating Sun Salutation from the traditional Hatha Yoga Satyananda style to channalise the energies and be able to better experience and appreciate the following more subtle work.

Topic covered included/not limited to:

• Classical Surya Namaskara with mantra and chakras focus

• Yoga Nidra, theory and practice

Saturday, 12.10.19, Session 3


Program: Contemporary Meditation

Two different techniques from Osho meditation traditions to experience the same goal: let the mind disappear allowing yourself to just be.

Feel your energies gathering to your deeper core and watch your body moving in all directions while your center stays still.

Topic covered included/not limited to:

• Ecstatic Dance: Forget the dancer, the centre of the ego, and become the dance.

• No Dymension meditation : feel your energies gathering to your deeper core and watch your body moving in all directions while your center stays still.

Sunday, 13.10.19, Session 4


Program: Breath in Yoga

Breath is the main focus of this session: moving the physical body in union with the breath, feeling it, exploring different sensations and reactions. Expand and channalise the subtle energies through mastering breath control techniques. Observing the breath in its pure form, the simpler meditation technique taught by Buddha, losing the mind in it.

Topic covered included/not limited to:

• Vinyasa asana session: moving flowly into different kind of postures, challenging yourself in keeping the awareness and the control on the breath

• Pranayama techniques: breathing exercises to master the breath, using it as a bridge to reach our mind

• Anapanasati Meditation: watching the breath and learning the art of acceptance

Price: 30 EUR per session or EUR 100 for all 4 session/whole weekend

Language of the workshop: English

Please register under or directly with Andrea.

Looking forward to see you there!

Prem & Andrea

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