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Three days awakening the divine feminine with Issa Blanco, 8.-10. November



Recently, with signs from the Apus [mountain spirits] and ancestral prophesies, handed down within the lineage of healer – mystics – came the message: it is now time to share the ceremonies and teachings. The time has come for us to restore the balance of sacred reciprocity ~ Ayni ~ the living forces of life within our world. This deceptively simple and powerful practice of the Andes, transcends cultural differences between the indigenous people of the Andes and western world.

The 7 Andean Goddesses or NUSTAS are the princess archetypes of the mountains and lakes of Peru. These initiations are the awakening of the Feminine Divine and the balancing of these in both males and females. These rights are open to both men and women and to both newcomers and those that have apprenticed for many years in traditional healing ways. These teachings and transmissions offer each participant the possibility for a profound connection with the powerful female energies, known in the Andes as the Nustas.

High in the Andes the beauty of ancient ceremonies and wisdom, embodied within the ancestral language of word and ritual, holds the blueprint for creating a vibrant heart centred life within a living universe. These people have survived for centuries living at high altitudes, in simplicity, close to Pachamama.

As you expand your own skills and abilities, you will find your heart opening into a vivid awareness that you are part of a living Universe, moving into alignment with the natural forces of our world. The rich array of practices that has been preserved and kept alive in the remote villages of the high Andes – offers the possibility of transforming our relationship with ourselves, each other and the world we live in. The Nustas are the princesses and goddesses of the mountains [Apus] and waters along the highlands of Peru and Bolivia. The Nusta Karpay is the initiation of the Seven Goddesses of the Inka Shamanic tradition. Now is the time for the great transformation of humans to bring healing to Pachamama –mother earth. The Nustas help with this balance by softening the hearts of men and women and to empower the feminine. These seven initiations are seeds of light or energetic transmissions to balance these polarities within you. As you heal and balance this Divine feminine within, so you do the same for Pachamama.

NUSTA KARPAY are Quechua words meaning “Seven Goddess Initiations” These special, beautiful and authentic initiations are currently spreading around the world.

These rites are available to everyone, male and female regardless of their spiritual orientation. They are also NOT only for those that have apprenticed in the Andean or any other ancient spiritual traditions. NUSTAS are the Goddesses and Sacred Archetypal feminine energies of nature. They are the original princesses of the Andean Cosmology, and are sourced from the great mountains and sacred lakes of Peru. They are also connected to other waters and mountains on our planet. The word “Karpay” in Qechua means a rite or ceremony of initiation.

These rites were gifted to us from the Andean Q’ero medicine men and women of Peru via Don Mariano Quispe in 2010.

By receiving these rites one will heal and awaken your innate inner master.

Revitalise your heart connection with all that is, accelerate and support your spiritual growth.

Issa Blanco

Price: 188,00 EUR

Language of the ceremony: English


♾ Friday 8th November from 19:00 to 21:30

♾ Saturday 9th November from 14:00 to 18:00

♾ Sunday 10th November from 12:30 to 16:30

Please register under or under

Limited to 14 participants.

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